Hi, I'm Scot Maupin.

I'm a flexible full stack web developer and I enjoy creating new and efficient ways to solve problems digitally.

About Scot:

I'm a Software Developer with a background in illustration and design. I enjoy getting into code to make functional apps and programs, and I like to make them a pleasure to both view and use.



Link Aggregator

Comparo is a site I made to help users share lists of links from all corners of the internet together in one place. It is built in Express with NodeJS and Mongoose. Links can then be shared through email or social media to others who will get all the links in one place.

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Travel App

Metropolist is a site for travelers in major cities to post and read tips from other travelers or locals in that city. Users are able to make city-specific posts themselves or reference others' posts organized either by the city or the user.

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Memory Aid

FillinThe is a site that make quizzes from text, and then displays a quiz either with selected keywords or random words removed. The user must then fill in those blanks correctly to pass the quiz. I wrote the javascript engine that runs that process. I presented this project and walked through the code to an audience of fellow developers.

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Contact Scot:

I can be reached most easily through email,

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